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A DJ, an Artificial Intelligence & some nerds



We are ItzNoReal.

We are a posse of DJs, musicians and singers & some nerd programmers.

Our mission is to explore strange new worlds,

to look for new sounds and civilizations(plus other things we forgot).

Anyway to boldly go where no charlatan like us has gone before.

We are as well having fun pushing the concept of a guy with a mask, but possibly we’ll get tired of that someday and we’ll do a coming out. Some day.

We are not struggling for success or afraid of failure but still

sortin'out the differences between them…


We believe ItzNoReal because Time & Matter are

a hologram and Universe is a video game...

but we've lost  our controllers!


We are ItzNoReal, and no, we are not the one with the mask.


ItzNoReal in Pills (beta 0.5)

Hello there!

Recently we've started getting emails from people and bloggers (God bless you!) kind of curious about us and our working system.


Nerd as we are, and being a group of shy clowns we’ve put down a small FAQ, an “ItzNoReal in Pills” so we don't have to answer the same question twice or better, we don't have to answer at all! ☺️


These questions were mostly took from the emails we received through our website plus some other questions made over a drink by some tech and EDM enthusiasts friends of ours. We hope this FAQ satisfy most of what there is to know!


Who are you?

We're not sure, but saying that we're a posse of DJs, musicians, singers and some nerd programmers, European citizens, pretty much covers it.

European is not a nationality...

Not yet, but it is an Ideal.

Like going to Mars.

We love Ideals.

And nachos.​

Why ItzNoReal?

Because it is not real.

What is not real?


There are several scientific attempts to describe the universe we  perceive as “real”. All of them differ, but on one thing they all agree: what we see is a representation of something else,  happening somewhere else.

Like how?

The Holographic Principle says that we are 3 dimensional representations of something happening somewhere else in 2 dimensions.

String Theory says that there are 11 dimensions of which we only see three, plus time.

Videogame theory (of which Elon Musk is a big fan) assumes we are part of a videogame because all physical events can be described mathematically, like a computer code.

So what is Real?

“Reality” is the result of a perceived event filtered and interpreted by our mind.

It’s an approximation made by our brain which feels convincing enough.

More or less what happens inside your girlfriend’s mind when she is making love to you but thinking about Justin Bieber.

Or Justin Timberlake if she’s older.

Or Justin Trudeau if she’s politically involved. A Justin not really there, anyway. ..

This is why when you, loser as you are, ask her “did you like it?” she’s gonna smile and say yes.

Of course, she just made love with one of those Justins! Maybe with the three of them.

And for her it was convincing enough.

So reality is an illusion, a fraud.

Yes. Us, too.

Especially when we talk about reality.

What does that have to do with music?

We don't know… You were the one asking us about reality theories!

You put the words “Hologram” “Simulation” “Universe” etc all over…

Well, some put the words “love”, “money”, “freedom”, “put your hands up” all over their press releases.

We concur with those words because they are basic concepts or actions important to people’s lives.

So we’re going to the base of basics, where things are so important that they don’t matter.

Where nothing really matters, that is the place you want to be.

Or at least spend a holiday sometime...

So if nothing matters why are you doing the  DJ?

Well we're musicians, really, but DJ sounds cooler... and they travel lighter.

We have a trained pianist but it is easier to check in a laptop than a Steinway grand piano when boarding a plane.

Do you use an artificial intelligence to make music?


What about this Artificial Intelligence?

We use a  machine learning program based on TensorFlow 1.2 with front end in python.

The system is made by a nerd posse of friends which dare to call themselves a startup using ItzNoReal as a lab rat for their experiments.

They need a musician with programming knowledge, we need programming geniuses with a rockstar attitude.

Every Duda needs a Deadmau5 (and vice versa).

And if you don't understand this punchline you are seriously lacking in EDM culture.

What does the A. I. do exactly?

At this stage of development more than “generating” full songs (like Google’s Magenta is trying to do) it’s kind of “suggesting” midi melodies.

Something like Google’s A.I. Duo but with a purpose in life.

Those midis outputs will be applied by us mostly on vocal acapellas or solo lines which will be then arranged/modified (again by us) on cubase.

Ok elaborate on the program, how it's made, details etc...

Can’t. Won’t.

Because It’s all a publicity stunt right?


Or maybe  because our nerd friends (with our small help as musicians) are a real startup, really making a machine learning program to be commercially released when it will implement a simpler user interface and less tedious and time consuming learning routines, at least as simple as using a dataset from a UCI machine learning repository.

It should ideally be released as an app or bought by Google or Facebook, or integrated in Cubase or Logic.

They are giving us this A.I. tool for free because if ever even just one of our productions might become a hit they would have their product, even if not 100% ready yet, suddenly becoming the most sought after music tool overnight.

In spectacular fashion.

This is why they do not give anything away now?


Not even a line of code or if it runs on a cloud or a pc or if the processors are cpu, gpu or tpu or what kind of “model in a box” is used in tensorflow.

Especially if their spokesperson could be a loquacious motormouth like anyone of us.